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Serving as a true full-service sign company for over 25 years, we have been providing our clients with top quality design, manufacture, installation and service at competitive prices. We pride ourselves in being a complete in-house company. All product viewed on our website was fabricated at our home office and manufacturing facility located in Angier, North Carolina. Steady company growth has allowed us to invest in the staff, facilities, technology and equipment to design, manufacture and install all aspects of your signage project. We utilize the latest technology in the sign industry from computer aided design and production equipment to computer based metal breaks and shears. Tour our website and contact us today. Let Advance Signs & Service make all the difference in your sign experience.

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Let our experienced staff transform your vision into a unique physical display utilizing the industry's leading CAD programs. Working hand in hand with our in house fabricators we can guarantee your design will feature trusted fabrication techniques and reputable components.


Majority of all signs will require permitting through your local jurisdiction. We have many years of experience handling permit procurement across the east coast and are familiar with the unique steps and processes that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Before any signage proposed, we perform code checks in your area to ensure your design is allowed. We have dedicated staff that will handle the procurement of your sign project from submital to approval.


Having multiple dedicated installation crews and a centralized location near I-40 and I-95 gives us the ability to work in multiple states across the east coast. We own multiple cranes, auger trucks, backhoes, dump trucks and basket trucks that able us to handle all facets of installation and service. From interior installations to excavating footings and setting pipe we have the manpower and equipment to start and finish the job.


All phases of sign fabrication can be found at our headquarters in Angier, NC. Having the ability to fabricate custom signage in house allows us to have complete control over your project which ensures an outcome that is tailored to your needs. We take pride in our staff and investing in modern equipment to ensure we are the among the best choice for sign fabrication in the southeast.

*CNC Routing

*CNC Channel Letter Bending

*Hand Wrapped Channel Letters

*Aluminum and Steel Fabrication

*Plastic and Acrylic Fabrication



*UL Certified

*Electronic Message Centers

*Akzo Nobel Paint Booth

*Digital Printing

*Vinyl Application